Time Marches On

I like to capture moments with photography. Everything around us has a story and I enjoy capturing moments of those stories. With these moments, I capture the human experience. All the while, time marches on.

Stars in the sky

The Camera

I use a digital mirrorless camera system. Staring with a Sony Alpha a7 II, I found incredible low light capabilities. When I pair this camera with premium glass, I see a perfect match. The crisp image sensor and precision lens elements lead to great images.

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50mm Project

My favorite lens is the 50mm prime. lenses like the 50mm are restrictive and they force me to move around to get a shot. I think prime lenses in genral will always be a major part of my kit. I certainly look forward to working with 35mm and 85mm prime lenses.

The Gallery

All around me I see opportunity to take a picture. When the time is right I do.